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Because of the great success of the first Horzine Elite skin we decided to make another one. At the moment we have finished the Horzine Elite L85A2 Concept Art. It comes in four different colors: red, blue, green and white. At the moment we are working on the texture pass of this skin. Our plan is to make this skin for all Commando weapons.

Let us know what you think about the Horzine Elite L85A2!

Horzine Elite L85A2 Concept Arts:

Horzine Elite L85A2 Blue:

Horzine Elite L85A2 Concept Art

Horzine Elite L85A2 Red:

Horzine Elite L85A2 Concept Art

Horzine Elite L85A2 Green:

Horzine Elite L85A2 Concept Art
  1. Gio Pilgrim 2 years ago

    It look awesome and this combination is pretty cool and accurate

  2. Eric 2 years ago

    The execution is great but I doubt that style fits with the rest of killing floor, especially with the
    sci-fi style that tripwire already presented / defined with their medic items, and the primary style of the game was always realistic with steampunk, so I think this is way too specific and does not fit with all the other submissions as a

    • Author
      [IJC] Ivan 2 years ago

      Yes this skin has a SCI-FI look as HORZINE is also a very high tech company. However we are also planning a realistic military styled skin.

  3. They look really cool . I love the litle detail on it, but i thought it could good/better with a rather white and black skin (white instead of black , black instead of red/blue/green) anyway keep it up lads , you are doing really good

    • Author
      [IJC] Ivan 2 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback! Yea we can totally make white/black skins. I will try to make a black/white SCAR-H skin so you can have alook at it 😉

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